Education :

    1980.-1984 -    The Latvian State Academy of Music,
                             the faculty of Culture and Art science
    1985.          -     start to practice  photography
    1999.         -     The member of the Latvian  Artist Union.


    Personal exhibitions:

    2018      „Secrets of Amber”, „U Space” Gallery, Ningbo, China

    2018      „Secrets of Amber”, Art Zone 798 gallery “Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art”, Beijing, China

    2017      „In the Light” Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia

    2016      „Sun Stone” - concert hall Great Amber, Liepaja, Latvia

    2015       „Sun Stone” – Habitat Centre Arts Gallery, New Delhi, India 

    2015       „Sun Stone” – Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in India, New Delhi

    2015       „Sun Stone” – Neumünster Abbey, Luxembourg

    2015       „Sun Stone” – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London

    2012       „ Roses from Rundale castle collection” – Pavlovsk castle, Saint Petersburg
    2012       „ Visions  of Light” – The State museum "Tsarskoselskaya collection”,
                       Saint Petersburg
    2011       „Signum florentis II ”-  State Art Museum of Latvia, Riga
    2011       „Signum florentis II ”- Castle  Jaunmokas, Latvia
    2010       „Signum florentis”- Exhibition hall „Jūras vārti”, Ventspils, Latvia
    2009.-     „Signum florentis” – Castle Rundāle, Latvia
    2007.-     „ Invisible Presence” – Castle  Jaunmokas, Latvia
    2004.-     „Initiation” – Helsinki Railway station, Finland
    2001.-     “ Invisible Presence”, Foreign Art museum of Latvia, Riga
    2000.-     “ Topography”, the State Art Museum of Latvia, Riga
    2000.-     “ The parallel  realities”, Museum of Photography, Sauliai, Lithuania
    2000.-     “Water”, Hansabank, Paarnu, Estonia
    1999.-     “ Let’s come together”, the house of Latvian association, Sydney, Australia
    1999.-     “ Let’s come together”,the house of Latvian association, Adelaide, Australia
    1998.-     “ Re- vision” Museum of Photography, Riga, Latvia
    1998.-     “Re-vision”, Gallery “Studija”, the Institute of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania
    1998.-     “Following the light”, Gallery of Art, Sauliai, Lithuania
    1998.-     “Fire”,  Foreign Art museum, Riga, Latvia
    1997. -    “Variations”,  Centre of culture “Mansard”, Riga, Latvia
    1997. -    “ From A to Z “, Gallery “Fotostudio-I”, Boston, USA
    1997.-     “ My Latvia”, Graz, Austria
    1996. -    “Water” ,  Reitern’s house, Riga, Latvia
    1996. -    “Water” ,  Centre of culture, Ventspils, Latvia
    The group exhibitions:

    1992.- “Stepping on the line”, Ganser Art Gallery, Millersville , USA
    1992.- “Stepping on the line”, Philadelphia Art Aliance, USA
    1992.-  “Stepping on the line” Art Gallery, Portland, USA
    1993.- “Stepping on the line”, International Images gallery, Pitsburg, USA
    1993.- “Stepping on the line”, Silvermine Guild Arts Centre, USA
    1998.- “Water”, EXPO’ 98 , Lisbon, Portugal
    2000.-  “Around”, The Gallery of Modern Art, Paarnu, Estonia
    2012 –„Flowers”, The State Library , Saint Petersburg


    Works in collections:

    State Art Museum of Latvia, Riga
    Photography Museum of Latvia
    Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia
    The State museum "Tsarskoselskaya collection", Saint Petersburg ;
    Photography Museum of Lithuania
    Modern art collection „Saules akmens”, Riga
    University of Millersville, Pennsylvania, USA
    Privat collections  USA, Japan, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Australia.